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Cynthia Brown, CNM, ARNP

Cindie Brown

Cindie discovered midwifery in 1984 when she first witnessed a calm, natural childbirth at home. The baby was over 12 pounds! Her interest in the medical field then fused with her desire to promote healthy families, and she immediately knew midwifery was her calling. With this focus, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Washington in 1991, then her Master of Nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1994. She also holds a degree in Systematic Linguistics from Seattle Pacific University.

Cindie began her career in hospital-based practices through Group Health Cooperative and Virginia Mason Medical Center. In 2001, Cindie founded the practice that eventually became known as Midwife Seattle, Inc. She attended births primarily in hospital, caring for low-risk and moderate risk women, including those with previous cesareans. In more recent years, she has turned her attention to promoting physiological birthing in out-of-hospital settings and ended her hospital services. This has allowed her more time and energy to bring the midwifery model to women's health care and to play a creative role as director of Midwife Seattle, Inc.

Cindie is married to Steve, a high-school Spanish teacher and 'renaissance man'. They have three inspiring teenage children, one of whom has special needs. All were born at home in Seattle. Cindie's primary life passion is following Jesus, believing He has brought significant healing and love to her own life and hope to a hurting world. She wants that same love and power to permeate all she does. She also likes gardening, reading, and, yes, chocolate.

Elise Fogel, CNM, ARNP

Elise Fogel, CNM, ARNP

Elise was drawn to midwifery after caring for her mother throughout her mother’s illness and death. She recognized the inherent power of both death and birth to change families and the importance of a compassionate, knowledgeable guide during a transitional process. After an undergraduate degree in the Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, she changed course to focus on the growth and health of humans. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing through Seattle University with a focus on birth in the out-of-hospital setting.

Elise is passionate about empowering women to listen to their bodies and discover their own strength. She feels honored to be a resource to families as they welcome their babies to the world. She finds joy in facilitating truly informed decision-making and supporting families in the option of physiologic labor and birth at home or birth center. She brings this same value of respect and empowerment to nonpregnant women seeking gynecological care.

Elise is a native of Seattle and loves getting outside whenever possible, including hiking in the mountains, swimming in a lake, and tending to her garden and chickens in the backyard.


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