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Brewer Pregnancy Diet – This is a great website for discussion of protein foods in pregnancy. While we appreciate the resource, we are of the opinion that their intake recommendations are too high for many pregnant women. Nevertheless, protein is so important and there are helpful charts to download to help track your food intake. drbrewerpregnancydiet.com

Doulamatch.net – Locate a doula in your area who matches your style at doulamatch.net

Labor Tub Rentals

Milk Makers – A local, mom-owned company that bakes delicious cookies full of lactation- promoting nutrients. milkmakers.com

Northwest Association of Postpartum Support (NAPS) – A local service to help you find a postpartum doula who will provide home and newborn support after the birth. napsdoulas.com

Open Arms Perinatal Services – This service provides birth doula support to women with limited resources or support. openarmsps.org

Photography for Baby and/or Birth

The Herbalist – Wondering where to buy those herbs recommended by your midwife? Here is a local shop with high-quality products. theherbalist.com, located at 2106 NE 65th in Seattle.

Wishgarden Herbs – An online source of many of our favorite herbal tinctures. wishgardenherbs.com


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