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Our Philosophy of Pregnancy/Birth

Our Philosopy of Pregnancy/BirthThe birth of a child is a wondrous miracle, yet many view the process itself as a risky, fear-invoking medical event. At Midwife Seattle, we believe that birth is not usually a medical event at all. Rather, it is an important rite of passage that involves the body, soul and mind. It is a gateway into the journey of parenthood, and this beginning is important. Birth can be an empowering experience which prepares one for the challenges and joys of rearing children. It is also a rich opportunity to forge bonds of love with your newborn and family that last a lifetime.

At Midwife Seattle, we support “physiological birthing”. This means we use all natural means at our disposal to support a woman's innate ability to birth without disruption or medical intervention. We recognize that each woman is a unique individual who will approach her labor and birth with her own perspectives and wishes. No matter how her process unfolds, she can count on the respectful, creative and professional guidance of her midwife.

Our Philosophy of Women's Health Care

Health care of women can be both preventative and/or problem-focused. As midwives, we are trained to listen to women's concerns and their perspectives of health. We offer you the most current recommendations for medical treatments and help you create a plan of care that suits your individual needs.


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