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Pregnancy CareAt Midwife Seattle, you will receive all the benefits of modern technology offered in a context of personalized care. We work with women from various circumstances, educational levels and cultures. We know that not all women are the same!

Your first visit is usually 90 minutes. Your midwife performs a health interview and a physical exam, collects a blood and urine sample, and offers much education. This visit is also an opportunity for your midwife to learn more about your personality and desires. Subsequent visits are scheduled for 30 minutes. They occur every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the first part of your pregnancy. During your third trimester, visits occur more often, being scheduled weekly as you get closer to birth. You are welcome to bring family or friends to your visits.

Throughout your pregnancy care, your midwives will suggest topics for discussion at the appropriate time. These topics cover a broad array of subjects, from nutrition to childbirth classes, from doula resources to what to expect from a new baby. At every visit, a brief physical exam is done to check your blood pressure and the growth and heartbeat of the baby. Screening tests for genetic anomalies, diabetes, Group B Strep, and anemia (among others) are offered. Ultrasounds are typically done during the first and second trimesters, with more ordered as medically needed. Symptoms are often treated holistically, using herbs, acupuncture, homeopathics, exercise and other complementary approaches. Medical conditions that arise are addressed using both conventional and alternative medicine.


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